The Agony of Getting Ready for Family Portraits – Columbus Ohio Family Photography


October 12, 2017

We all want them, those beautiful family portraits. Where we ditch the messy bun and put on some makeup and a pretty outfit and pretend that’s what we look like all the time. Where our kids hair is combed and our husband is in a button down and we look perfect.

We all know it’s not quite that easy, especially if you have children under the age of 8 years old. The planning, the date, the outfits, and OMG what am I going to do with my hair! Not to mention, knowing that your 2.5 year old is going to be the biggest challenge. You’ve been practicing with her so she’ll give that perfect, dimple-cheeked smile and she’s doing great. She takes a nap, Ooh thank goodness she napped – she’s going to be in the best mood! So you jump in the shower, get your 5 year old bathed and feel like you’re ahead of the game…. Ooh, but then the little one wakes from her nap with full bed head in the worst mood ever. Refuses to get in the bath. You need her to bathe so you can wash and comb through her Medusa Goddess of Darkness hair. Finally after a 30 minute fit you get her in the tub. Whew, one step closer. You throw on your makeup, curl your hair and attempt to get everybody dressed. Everybody is ready, but her… Ooh gosh she’s refusing to wear the dress, rips it off breaking the strap. You have NOTHING else that will match to put her in and you have to leave in 10 minutes and look outside and OMG it looks like it’s about to rain!

Sound familiar? Ooh getting ready for family portraits. It’s not easy. It can take all day, and let’s face it, nobody really wants to do it. But, you want those memories, those moments… and for goodness sake you want a photo you are actually in with your family, with your kids and with your husband where you don’t look like you just got home from yoga, but you didn’t actually go to yoga!

I photograph dozens of other families, especially in the fall. I am with you, I know what you went through to get everybody ready, to get their hair done, outfits picked and get yourself ready. I feel your pain. But ooh it is so worth it. So absolutely worth it when you get those images. And while your 2.5 year old didn’t really cooperate or give as many of this dimple-cheeked smiles, you’re just so happy it all came together.

Here are a few of my absolute favorites from our recent family session. I’m so blessed to have such an amazing friend and talented photographer, Lynn of Lynn Leitch Photography, who was able to catch these precious moments for me. And while she gave me the memory card so I could edit them, there was not much that needed to be done because they were so perfect. Thank you so much my dear, you made us look good!