Vintage Children’s Portraits – Columbus, Ohio


March 29, 2018

With the technology of amazing cell phone cameras and affordable pro-grade cameras, it’s no wonder this generation is the most photographed in history. I love that parents are capturing special moments, day-to-day activities and life. However, I wanted to take things back in time a bit and create timeless portraits that would be difficult to achieve using a cell phone. A throwback if you will to a simple style where there are minimal props and the child, their expression, and they really come to life.

About a month ago I did this kind of session with my own two girls. I had such an amazing response I decided to offer them as a mini session. It was definitely a challenge to offer these as minis, because this type of session is so completely different than the normal children’s session. With a traditional session I’m trying to get them to smile, but asking them not too smile for these images proved to be harder haha! And unlike my usual session, the goal here was not to get dozens of good images, but just a handful that would really stand out and have an impact. Then there was wardrobe planning, backdrop planning as well as the editing, which took much more time and technique.

Ooh but I’m so happy I did these because I just can’t get over how amazing they turned out. Most of these children I have been photographing for years, so to have the opportunity to capture them so differently and so strikingly was truly such an amazing creative process.

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Here are just a few of my favorites…