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 to capture a moment and to create art while doing it

I’ve always been amazed at the ability to pause time

So I naturally you’re thinking I studied photography in College, right? Nope... I studied journalism. I still loved photography, but the whole dark room part of film photography just wasn’t my thing. Digital photography had just become available to consumers, but the cameras were super expensive and Photoshop didn’t exist yet. So I stuck with journalism and upon graduation from The Ohio State University I worked and a writer/editor for several magazines here in Columbus (CityScene Magazine, DublinLife Magazine, DiscoverOhio Magazine and a few others). While still a creative profession, I still felt like I hadn’t really found my passion. Fast forward a few years (2005) and my career (and super cute boyfriend - now husband) took me to Charlotte, NC where I worked for a movie theater company doing marketing. There I began to dabble in graphic design, purchased my first DSLR and ta-da that was it, I was hooked.

So I started my photography career after that right? Nope… I started a graphic design company haha! But I still had my eye behind my camera constantly, and took classes to figure out the whole digital thing - and I even began photographing products and businesses for my design clients. As I learned more and more about digital photography and perfected my editing and photoshop skills, friends and clients began to ask me to photograph their families and events. And then it hit me... “Why don’t I start a photography business?” And there you have it! That was 2009.

So here I am, back in Ohio, married with 2 kids and totally in love with my job. Well I prefer to say “my hobby that makes me money” because I enjoy what I do so much. I really don’t feel like I’m working. Okay, so there are times when I get totally overwhelmed and overbooked - pretty much every fall when everybody wants family photos - and I kind of freak out. But I still completely love, love, love photographing little ones just days after they are born, a couple who is beginning their life together, a growing family, a laughing baby, a pouting toddler and so many more of life’s moments and milestones!

Thank you for taking interest in my work. I would love the opportunity to meet you and your family... and hopefully begin capturing your special moments together. 

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